Who we are.....

A word from the Founder of LOTH

LOTH was never created to be a business that makes money off of ladies who want to have fun, be glamorous while being charitable.

We've not been in this to make a profit. But we have been in this to make a difference!

Our rules are very simple:   Be a member of our registration site. (this one)

To start a sorority, join our site, (no cost) you must be over 21, come up with a name and submit name of Head Diva, location, and Sorority name and contact information.  All Head Divas of any sorority must be officially approved. Your sorority's members are encouraged to join our safe, spam/scam free site and post your events, photos, get to know others in and around the US and beyond.

The only fee is voluntarily, to help our webmaster/Founder maintain the site via a PayPal or Stripe link. This is not a corporate donation or fee.  It is voluntary, not mandatory.  What your members pay to the Head Diva is completely within your own sorority. 

More info:  Our mission is to enjoy ourselves, be sociable, charitable, friendly while looking fabulous.  A LOTH sorority will represent either our Black Hat Divas (black attire) or the Kaleidoscopes (all colors).  LOTH prides itself in keeping our agreement with the red hat organization and that is we never wear red and purple together for any event or any reason.  The color issue was agreed upon between LOTH and the the red hat group many years ago.  Kaleidoscope ladies would wear all red, or perhaps all purple, with other colors, but not representative of the red hat group.  The head of the sorority is considered the Head Diva, we do not use Queen in our titles. 

These rules exist out of proprietary concern and respect for the other hatting groups.   Many of us have been a LOTH member since 2007 and we are still hanging in there but our numbers do not show it our true membership.  Right before COVID our membership website was closed due to lack of activity and high costs and unfortunately our roster was not retrieved properly.  This current site is our original site which launched in 2007.

Our copyrighted rhinestone logo pins and others will be available for sale at some point later this year.  Right now we are trying to determine the best way to offer these items now that there are very stringent new state tax laws. Our rhinestone jewelry is not to be copied by any vendor.

Peace Out and Party on!

Donna Mac, Founder