Members must be female

Must be 21-years of age or older

Register as an official sorority on the LOTH site (see below)

Must not wear red and purple, or lavender and pink, at the same time during official sorority events.

Must have a desire to join other women in having a good time!

Anyone who joins our site must answer a few questions before they can be admitted into it. This is done for your safety and to keep out scammers. We hope you will encourage your sorority's members to join our safe, spam/scam free site and post events and photos, read and respond to things on the site, and get to know others in and around the US and beyond.



Decide upon a name for your sorority

Provide the sorority’s name, location, and contact information – including the Head Diva’s name (the “leader” of the sorority) – in the Comments section of the “Sorority Info” section found on the navigation link bar at the top of each page.

LOTH is a non-profit organization. There are no fees at the present time, but it would be greatly appreciated if you would help to defray the cost of the site and running the organization (e.g.: lawyers and other professional services) by giving a voluntary contribution via PayPal or Stripe. The sorority and/or individual members can voluntarily donate to help LOTH. This is NOT a corporate donation. It is a suggestion, therefore, not mandatory. If your sorority decides it needs to have money to buy or do certain things, that is a concern for your sorority alone, not the organization.



Complete your personal Profile (see the How Do I? section)

Set your site Email Preferences (see the How Do I? section)

Upload a small photo of the member/yourself

Have fun!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our Admins. In addition to the Head Admin, our founder, Donna Macauley Shoemaker, there are presently a few Admins in charge of some of the areas of our site: Gwendolyn Chapman is in charge of the “2022 Card Group,” and Ilene-Rachel Mindlin is in charge of the new “How Do I?” section.


HOW DO I?                        https://ladiesofthehat.org/how-do-i

SORORITY INFO :             https://ladiesofthehat.org/sororities

2022 GAMES GROUP:     https://ladiesofthehat.org/group/2021-games


  *** If you have any questions or comments on this, you can contact Donna via In-Site Mail (e.g.: the envelope icon at top of each page). 

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