• Hi! I just checked several areas. If you click on the Members button above, the Search and the Advanced Search seem to be working! 

    Checked the Search button at the top of the page, too, and it's working! If you know the person's name, type it in the white area to the left of the magnifying glass icon. Then press your Enter key. If it gives you a result, click on the person's picture or name. That should take you to their page where you can click on the Add Friend button to make your request.

    Also, if you go to Chat... click on Main Room. On the smaller box that pops up, click on  Main Room >  at its top.... it will change to a scrollable list of names. When you find someone you want to friend or just visit, click on the name and it will take you to their page. 

  • Gail:  This is where the "search for members" is sorely needed in this site.  I find it appalling that this platform cannot fix the issue, but then I remember they are in Ukraine, not sure if it is support or the tech people, but either way they are not available.  When you do an "advanced search" under "members, no one shows up.  When you do a search for a member at the top of this site, "nothing" shows up.  The search for members used to work but then it stopped and I found out this is not the only site that has this problem with 3.0.  So, the long answer is you have to go to members, and scroll down the alphabet to find the person you want to send a friend request.  Then click "send friend request". But there is a workaround that Ilene came up with which is searching for members in the "chat" icon lower right.  But you have to be searching in Magical Ladies, click the * and then still you have to scroll down to find the member.  But it is a bit easier because the scroll doesn't take you page by page. You have to be on the person's page and then click "add friend"  That sends them a friend request.

    Your reason alone is the #1 reason why we need a member search. 

    Let me know if you were able to accomplish this.

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