LADIES OF THE HAT-since 2006


Our membership is simple.  Each sorority Head Diva will contribute $35 a year for their recognition of being an official sorority and and all members of their sorority are encouraged to join this site FREE of charge. (We are not in this mission for the money)  Your sorority will be listed under "Members - Sororities".  If you want to wear our delightful Top Hat Logo pin, you must be a member of Ladies of the Hat via your official sorority.  Any Top Hat Logo pins sold at events will be available via one to-be-named vendor, or you can order direct on this site.  You will see more information on prices, photos, etc.,  under a new tab entitled BEDAZZLING BLING soon.
Please allow time for us to revamp our membership and pin payment methods.



Ladies of the Hat Mission

“LOTH is so much more than just a hat.” “It is the uplifting attitude of women who practice and promote charity, friendship, fun, kindness and sisterhood while looking fabulous doing so.”

Black Hats vs Kaleidoscopes